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Serving the World

Spreading God's love around the world

The Global Missions Ministry provides leadership at Bayside to spread God's love and help to our neighbors around the world. Take a look at missions we support financially & educationally, as well as current mission opportunities.

Ongoing Mission Opportunities

Rise Against Hunger

Rise Against Hunger’s meal packaging event is a wonderful way to connect with others and participate in a hands-on international hunger relief program. Our church participates in this event, packaging over 15,000 food packs each year to be sent worldwide. Rise Against Hunger's mission is to empower communities, nourish lives, and respond to emergencies.  They do this with the goal to end hunger by 2030.   At Bayside, we join in answering this call. To learn more about Rise Against Hunger, visit their website at

Current Mission Travel Opportunities

For members and visitors

Vida Joven-Nicaragua

In partnership with Great Bridge Presbyterian Church and Young Life Nicaragua, Bayside will send a small group to Matagulpa in early August 2024. They will be partnering with locals and other Americans to serve the community, build relationships, and help maintain the Young Life camp La Finca. All high school-age and above people are welcome to take a spot while they are available. Contact the church to inquire further.

Living Waters for the World

While about 3/4 of the earth is water, only one percent of the water that is on the earth is available for human consumption. Much of that water is unusable and polluted, leaving millions of people to die from waterborne parasites and viruses. Living Waters for the World was formed to help alleviate this problem. 


By providing a system that’s simple, sustainable and affordable, and by teaching local leaders to lead health and hygiene education among the community, mission teams have been able to help those in communities with contaminated water take ownership of making their own water clean again.


Initially a small team at Bayside worked in conjunction with a neighboring church to provide clean drinking water for multiple communities in Nicaragua.


To date, the team has installed systems in a boys' school in Lima, Peru and a church in a small village in the Amazon basin in Peru.


We are active participants in the LWW Peru Network. In fact one of our team is the co-moderators. This network maintains contact with locations in Peru that have a need for clean drinking water. Through our connection to the network we at Bayside select the locations we will work with to provide clean water.

Global Contributing Partnerships

Congo Partnership

The relationship with our sister churches in the Congo, Lemba and Limete, has been active for over 20 years. It is through this relationship that Bayside Presbyterian connects with the work of the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia via the International Partnership Ministry. We continue to give financial support to various building projects, including a maternity clinic and church development.

Mexico: Fuente de Agua Viva

For twelve years, we sent a contingent of youth and adults from Bayside on a mission trip to Ticul, Mexico to assist in the construction of the church of the Fountain of Living Water (Fuente de Agua Viva). This mission project has closed, but the friendships built between members of Bayside and natives of Ticul have lasted way beyond our mission trips to today.

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