Troubleshooting Tips
1.  Problems Entering Access Code In MS Internet Explorer 7 or 8, 
"Page Not Found" Error 404

If you have upgraded your web browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8, you may not be able to enter the access code until adjusting one security setting.

Open Internet Explorer 7 or 8. 

  • Click on "Tools" in the upper right and select "Internet Options". 
  • Click on the "Security" tab.
  • Next click on "Internet" zone.
  • Then click on "Custom Level...". 
  • Scroll all the way to near the bottom of this list and look for "Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows".  (See example below) 
  • Click on "Enable". 
     Finally, close all windows and re-start Internet Explorer.
2.  Problems Entering Access Code, "Page Not Found" Error 404

A common cause of this error is entering the access code incorrectly.
Try again and make sure you correctly type the current access code displayed on the page.  It can be entered in either upper or lower case.

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