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Property Ministry


Bayside Presbyterian Church encompasses 65,000 square feet of building sitting on five acres of grounds. It is the responsibility of this ministry to oversee the cleanliness, maintenance, repairs, and updating of the equipment and facilities.

The Property Ministry works closely with the other Ministries to ensure that all the “behind the scenes” work is done in order to make certain that the church facility is a clean and safe environment where its members and the community can worship and witness, and come together in Christ.


  • Spring and Fall church yard clean ups.
  • Coordinate and make recommendations concerning the utilization of the facilities by church sponsored, civic, and outreach organizations.
  • Safe operation of the church van. 
  • Up-grading of security system.
  • Continue to look for ways to control and cut utility costs, and “go green” whenever possible.
Current Projects:
  • Identification and repair of roof leaks.
  • Proactive maintenance of HVAC systems.
How Can I Get Involved?

This church belongs to all of us. If you are involved in an activity in the building please remember to turn the lights and A/C or heat off, and close and lock doors and windows when you are done.

If you see something around the grounds or building that you think needs attention, don’t keep it to yourself. Fill out a Maintenance Request Form in the office and we will look into it.

Watch the Binnacle, Helmsman, and Sunday Bulletins for any “help needed” notices, and help out when you can.

Ministry Moderator: Steve Baker

Meeting Time:
Property Ministry meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 at the church.  This is a common meeting time for all Ministries, which are preceded by an “all Ministries meeting” gathering time of prayer and conversation. 


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