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Education Ministry


The Education Ministry is responsible for providing and coordinating opportunities for Christian Education of the members and leaders of the congregation and encouraging the continued growth in knowledge and understanding of Bible theology, and history of the church.

Activities and Programs:

The Education Ministry carries out its mission through:

Children's programs (through grade 5) – Children have the opportunity to be involved year round in Sunday Discipleship, mid-week programs (“JAM” – Jesus And Me) during the school year, and special events including Children at the Lord's table, Praying in Color, Advent & Art, Milk & Honey Cooking, VBS, and KidShine.  The education ministry also is involved with the Bayside Presbyterian Pre-school in a supervisory capacity. 

Youth Programs (grades 6-12) – Our youth gather for both study and fellowship on Sundays (Sunday Discipleship and Youth Group in the evening) as well as service opportunities throughout the month and mission opportunities throughout the year.  Youth participate both in our local missions as well as travel together during the summer to locations across the United States and abroad. 

Adult Programs – Adults of all ages have the opportunity to fellowship together and develop as disciples both on Sunday mornings as well as throughout the week.  There are a variety of class styles and topics that are held year round for small groups. 

Training – Training is offered regularly for all lay leaders and teachers involved with education programs.  Training may include preparation for group facilitation, skill building for small group leaders, and how to work with different ages and developmental stages. 

Library – The education ministry oversees the library in both the maintenance of its existing collection as well as reviewing and adding to the collection. 

Resources – The education ministry maintains the resource room, arts and crafts room, and audio-visual equipment as well as overseeing the maintenance of all bulletin boards.

How Can I Get Involved?

We welcome anyone who is interested in education to contact anyone serving on the Education Ministry.  We would love to have your input!  Please contact the church office for more information.

Ministry Moderator:  Amy Colthorpe / Mary Hubbard 

Meeting Time:
Education Ministry meets on the first Monday of the month at 7:00PM at the church. 


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